Planning, management and operation of parking and garages

Our knowledge and technology backed by our high quality customer service has placed BrasilPark in the forefront of service businesses in planning, management and operation of parking and garages. Established in 1988.

Currently, we operate over 50 parking operations and garages in commercial and residential buildings, condominiums, shopping centers, hospitals, colleges and universities, hotels, flats, financial institutions, show houses and social clubs, among others.


Our company experience and the technical skills of our administrative and operational team, enable us to establish a successful partnership program to operate any branch of parking activities.

A profitable commercial relationship is developed with all partnerships, with positive results to both parties, thanks to a serious work approach and an organized, integrated and systematic methodology.

We garantee a service of extreme efficiency and satisfaction to our clients.

Quality of service

At BrasilPark we believe in human power. Our concern is to create real conditions for personal development.

Our Human Resources Dept. applies and follows their careful criteria for selecting manpower, which includes an extensive training program and periodical evaluation of each employee.

As a result of a combination of knowledge and technology, we are able to offer high quality service to our clients, while enjoying a high level of productivity.

Operacional control

Through a modern management system and judgeship, BrasilPark's Administrative Office Center integrates all information from every parking facility and assures an ideal control system, analysis and decision making.


In keeping with current market trends of blending aesthetics with functionality and up-to-date technology in the system of parking lots management, we have acquired knowledge and experience in installing network equipment, automatization and security systems, garanteeing total control of all units.

Visual marketing communication

Our familiarity with National and International Traffic Rules serves as a basis for a standard and modern system of visual communication and signs, on internal and external areas.

These procedures allow us to have effective and superior operational results, as a result of clear guidance given to users in every BrasilPark facility.


At BrasilPark we work to develop specific and efficient projects that will result in the best division of slots within each parking facility, the best route for vehicles and pedestrian walkways, and also the best layout for installation of the safety control equiment in each area.